Thursday 5 April 2012

Sailor Girl

Another Goldwork Or Nue post. Finally, my pin-up-inspired Sailor Girl has been completed....many hours of work and a couple of headaches later, here she is!
Dimensions: 9.5cm x 8.5cm

She is worked entirely in silver passing thread, couched down horizontally with single-strand stranded embroidery cotton. As I found doing this piece, it's a bit of a pain that your vertical stitches have to be as long as the width of the silver, making it harder to do really tiny detailing such as the eyes. Mix into that the constant screaming at Anchor when my black thread kept snapping (for no apparent reason, all the others were up to quality standard) and I'm quite relieved to see the back of this one!

In a shameless effort at self-promotion, yes, she IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE - I'm having her professionally framed, and anyone potentially interested please feel free to email me. (The rent on my new bedsit, sorry, shoebox, needs paying somehow!)

Stay tuned for more Or Nue escapades because despite the tedium of the end of this one, there's another design underway....


  1. It really is incredible. Your work is the only embroidery i've seen worked this way and your subject matter is fab. The face works well despite the difficulties you describe.

  2. *wonderful* pointy bits on her chest, in the true mid century traditional. Great work on doing the fine details in Or Nue :-) I am finally going to do some at some point - been looking and reading about pieces for way too many years now. I'm thinking a fleur-de-lys in Or Nue and satin/needlepainted flowers - very traditional, I know. In spite of my cultural leanings (also Goth) I'm such a traditional embroiderer! I like flowers too much. I'm not big on embroidering people.

  3. LOL - got "rtsak" for my anti-spam comment. Have you been playing with them???

  4. rtsak....??????? What on earth is that?

  5. She's amazing! I'm sure Beryl Dean would not have approved. ;)