Thursday 5 July 2012

Dinner - Worshipful Company of Needlemakers

Last night I was priviledged to be invited to the Worshipful Company of Needlemakers' Court Dinner. The evening was thoroughly enjoyable, the first formal dinner I've ever attended, and was a lovely function to attend - whilst formal, highly friendly, and an event I am very grateful to have been allowed to be part of.

In receipt of 'Best Stitchcraft' award, during the speech ceremony after dinner, I was presented with a cheque and a charming needlecase - which I intend to put to very good use forthwith! There was also the opportunity to present a selection of my work and to talk informally about it.

Last but not least, the desert of plum sorbet, peach melba and white chocolate mousse all served up in a gigantic wine glass was definitely not one to be missed.

Pamela Goldberg, Master of the Worshipful Company of Needlemakers' blog post:

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  1. Major congratulations! Keep on doing the great work you do! :-)