Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Goldork Or Nue Cider label WIP

More new or nue.... I haven't been doing any of this for quite a while. But 3 months of hell are coming to an end and I have to work out how to re-engage with myself and my stitch practice. I go back to work tomorrow after 6 weeks of being signed off and you know what? It's absolutely vital, now, that I get my portfolio processed and complete enough to start presenting. I don't want to be trapped in corporate retail any longer. Neither do I want to be trapped skiring the edges of depression again being entirely un-creative, because it's a vicious circle.

So this is the latest instalment of fiddly, obsessively intricate goldwork couching  -still inspired by the labels I absent-mindedly peel of bottles in the pub, but with the wording twisted around a little. (Look closely.) Work in Progress, of course (both the embroidery and the subject matter).

Monday, 3 June 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Patchwork

The progress of the patchwork quilt...... me being me, I wasn't going to let other life events interfere with its progress. Namely, Saturday 1st June, when I camped out overnight at Emirates Stadium, London, to see my favourite band and idols Green Day.
I got there about midday on the Friday, sat down with similarly like-minded fans also clamouring for the front row of the gig, and therefore had 28.5 hours to kill before the doors even opened.

So this is me, having had very few hours sleep, and right in front space in the queue.........
F*ck yeah!!

Needless to say, we made it to the barrier in the mad scramble of doors opening, and had a lovely view right from the very front row. Just what I needed to cheer me up. Thankyou Mr Armstrong and co. for a fantastic 2 1/2 hours of pure Green-Day bliss.