Friday 9 March 2012

Goldwork Bird Tattoos

What I've been up to as of late....
We've just done the second half of the Goldwork module at Royal School of Needlework, and I've really taken to this technique called 'or nue', where you couch down a metallic thread and add details / extra areas of colour with stitches over the top.
Except I really don't like the colour gold, so I've been doing mine with various colours of metallic thread, and my subject matter of choice is.....ta daaahh..... vintage tattoos, an area I'm currently really into.
And because the first one didn;t really satisfy my sick sense of humour:

Let me know what you think ! I'm pretty new into all this blogging thing (I mean, I'm quite happy sitting with my typewriter let alone all this internet thingy, but here I am....)

1 comment:

  1. Very cute but so sad. :)
    I really like the idea of duplicating tattoos this way and I like your blog so far.