Monday 12 March 2012

Stitched Sailor Girl progression

My sailor-girl tattoo, worked in the goldwork technique of 'or nue', is making progress.
(Or rather, I'm making progress. It doesn't stitch itself you know.)

'What did you do today Charlotte?' 'Oh, just studying boobs and translating their perkiness into stitch.'
Embroidery can be more entertaining than many people assume..

4in across

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  1. I really ike this, I will sign up here so I can watch for updates. I used to embroider many years ago but my hands can't do it so well now so I will reminisce through your blog if that's OK with you..:)
    I found your blog through craftgossip today and I love the paperclip parrot which is what they actually posted, and I am still browsing. Good luck with your degree and your jewellery.